In today's business world, a managed dedicated server is one of the basic requirements of any business. It is used to host the websites of the company or the entire company and has the resources necessary for this task. The storage space and bandwidth provided by a dedicated hosting server isn’t the same as that of a shared server, and the uniqueness provided by this server is unmatched. These servers are generally protected against hacking and are not targeted by malware, viruses, and spyware because of the increased security offered by the web hosting company.

Now that you've finally decided to go for a managed dedicated server hosting and choose the one that meets the needs of your business, consider managing it. You can manage it yourself or give this task to the company providing the server. It is always advisable to entrust this task to the dedicated web server company, which will manage all the nuances related to the configuration, hosting and administration of the server. Although you can always learn how to manage it, the task will be difficult and slow, which is valuable for the growth of your business.

Typically, fully managed dedicated server hosting includes server monitoring, operating system updates, software updates, security patches and reboots. This gives you enough time to focus on other tasks because the hosting company handles server administration requests. In addition, companies that engage dedicated Web server services have additional server administration tools for standard deals. As a result, you can feel comfortable with standard offers and see your business reach new heights with the fully managed hosting option.

In addition to the features offered in a standard contract, renowned hosting companies offer surcharges. Some additional services provided by well-known manages dedicated server hosting companies are:

* Hosted applications for databases, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint solutions, Lotus Domino, CRM.

Security patches

* Managed firewalls and load balancers

* Managed backup for optimal flexibility

* Protection against spam and viruses

* Advanced setting

* Helpline

* Recovery

* Control Panel Software

These features allow you to optimize the dedicated server and optimize all functions so that your site gets the best services. All of these features make a fully managed dedicated server the number one choice for all types of organizations! You can also choose a company that offers a combination of the service mentioned above.

manageddedicatedserver • 2019 Oct 16

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